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Pruning and Trimming

Proper tree trimming and pruning is both a science and an art form.

One of the most important and overlooked parts of caring for your trees is tree trimming and pruning. Both are essential to keeping your tree healthy, stimulating its growth, and maintaining its overall look and appearance.

It is risky to try and take on this task yourself. Proper tree pruning is as much a scientific process as an artistic skill. In order to correctly prune a tree, you must understand the biology of the tree, how it grows, and what physiological processes in the tree may be disrupted by trimming.

You must know how to minimize defects and shape the tree without hurting its growth. Improper pruning could cause long-term damage that may allow the tree to become infected or sick.

Our skilled arborists understand all this and are also skilled artists in removing deadwood and experts at keeping your trees healthy.

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Pruning and trimming your tree can provide valuable benefits such as:

  • Improving the health and strength of your tree while increasing its lifespan
  • Fewer unsightly, dead, or damaged branches
  • Protect your property from being damaged by removing dead branches that could fall during storms or Wyoming’s high winds
  • Allowing more sunlight to the lower branches of your tree to promote lush undergrowth
  • Keep your tree healthy and more resistant to tree pests and diseases

When to call a professional arborist:

  • When your tree is growing too close to power lines
  • When your tree branches are growing close to your home
  • If it has been longer than three years since your tree has been professionally trimmed
  • If you have unsightly, dead, or damaged branches
  • If you want to bust your curb appeal and have your tree professionally shaped

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Mature pruning vs young pruning

Tree trimming and pruning can be beneficial to both young and old trees, although the needs of both types of trees are different. On mature trees, pruning helps to remove dead and dying branches and maintain the tree’s overall health.

Young trees are often overlooked when it comes to pruning, but structural pruning for them it is in fact extremely beneficial. Pruning trees when they are young will help your tree create a strong framework and set it up for a healthy life.

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If you are unsure what type of pruning your tree may need, let our professional arborists evaluate your trees. 

We can help find a solution that balances the optimal health of your trees with your overall goals for your property and landscape architecture.
When performing any service we will do our best to clean up any debris and minimize any impact to surrounding vegetation and landscaping.

The health and prosperity of your trees is our number one priority. Caring for your trees is an important investment in caring for your property. Due to their long lifespans and important impacts they make on the overall landscape of your property, you should not overlook caring for your trees. Do yourself, and your trees a favor and give us a call.