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Stump Grinding and Removal

Do you have a stump, or maybe several, that need to be removed? Give the experts a call and let us take care of the problem for you! We’ve got the right equipment, tools, and knowledge to get the job done.

Is that tree stump leftover in your yard an eyesore? Are you tired of tripping over a stump and the hazard that it causes?
Whether your tree stump is six-inches wide or six-feet wide we can help you get rid of it!

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Stump removal isn’t a simple DIY job

Cutting down a tree may seem like the easy part of tree removal.
Depending on the size, dealing with the resulting stump may actually entail a lot of work. Our professional arborists have the equipment and the experience to do this for you painlessly and cleanly.

Stump removal involves cutting off the root system and digging out the bulk of the stump. The resulting mass of wood may then be hauled away. This can be difficult or impossible with large, old trees.

The solution there is stump grinding. Stump grinding helps avoid having to dig. We will remove what we can by conventional methods, and then the rest of the stump will be ground into mulch wood chips. We will grind the stump so it is below the ground level. What is left will be covered by soil or fertilizer and you won’t have to worry about it anymore! The wood chips can be used as mulch and decoration around your yard, or we can dispose of them for you.

Things to consider when having a stump removed:

  • Utilities - power lines, cable TV lines, communication lines, gas lines. These can all be buried underground and may be hazards when removing a stump or digging. We will make the necessary calls to the city to ensure these are clearly marked.
  • Irrigation Lines - do you have a sprinkler system? The city cannot tell us about these, so please share with us if you have any underground irrigation pipes or sprinkler heads.
  • Preparation - it is always helpful to ensure that patio furniture, debris, rocks, and pets have been cleared from the work area.
  • Clean-up - grinding stumps produces mulch and wood chips. Large stumps can produce a significant amount. We will do our best to clean up any remaining debris and minimize any impact on your surrounding vegetation.
  • Wood chip hauling - this is an extra service but if you do not want to keep and use the wood ships we can handle removal of any amount.

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The cost of stump removal can vary

The cost of stump removal can be influenced by many factors including the height and width of the trunk, location, and whether we dispose of the resulting wood chips. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate!
Your satisfaction is our number one priority, no matter what your goals are for your landscaping or the health of your trees, we will work with you to ensure all your needs are met.

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