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Tree Removal

The Wyoming climate can be harsh and difficult for trees so we try to encourage the growth of as many trees as possible. However, we understand sometimes the removal of a tree is necessary.

Tree removal may be performed for many reasons.


Perhaps you have a dead or dying tree in your yard?

In this situation, it could be important to remove it to remove the hazard of dead branches falling and hurting people or property.


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Maybe your tree is sick or infested with pests?

If you have tried treating the problem and it was unsuccessful, removal may be the next step. It could be important to remove trees that may be infected with disease or pests so that we can eliminate potential risks to other trees.


Perhaps a tree is a large and dense and blocking light necessary to grow other plants?

If trimming is an unsuccessful solution, we can help you remove the tree to open up the light that you desire.


Maybe a tree is blocking a desirable view?

We can work with you to perform vista trimming first and see if we can keep both the tree and open up your view. If that is unsuccessful, we can help you remove the tree.
Our arborists will take great care when removing your tree to ensure there is no damage to your (or your neighbor’s) property. We will remove every section of the tree and get it to a safe location where it can be disposed of. If you would like to keep the firewood, just let us know.


Tree removal can be dangerous Let us remove the danger (307) 317-5440

Trees often grow in sensitive locations such as between houses or near utility or electrical lines. Especially in these situations, it can be dangerous to take on this task by yourself. Our skilled arborists have the experience and proper equipment to safely remove trees in all these conditions.
We always provide a thorough clean-up after performing any service and will remove any debris. We strive to minimize any impact to surrounding vegetation.

Removing a tree often leaves behind a stump. We can take care of that for you as well. For more information, please see our page on stump removal and stump grinding.


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Free Estimate

The cost of tree removal can vary

Each tree is different and the cost will depend on a number of factors including size, type, location, complexity, and other various factors. Please call us to set up a free estimate.

Reasons to remove a tree:

  • Dead or dying trees
    • Weak trees pose a safety risk to people and property
    • Sick or infected trees may spread their disease or pests to other trees
  • Eliminate light competition for other plants
  • Growing in an unsafe location
  • Desire to change your landscaping

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